IMPORTANT: Unless medical reasons dictate otherwise, a Samoyed should not be clipped or shaved as their coat protects them from the sun as well as keeping them warm in the cold weather.  A Samoyed whose coat has been left unattended is a sorry sight, unless you are prepared to put in the time and energy to keep the coat in good order you should not consider a Samoyed as the dog for you.

You will need a medium toothed comb...
A brush with small steel pins embedded in a rubber cushion (no bobbles as these will damage the coat).




And a second brush with fairly widely spaced steel pins in a large pad which is useful for brushing the coat on a daily basis, usually after walks to remove anything picked up along the way and to remove dead coat in between combing sessions.  A grooming table is also very useful as the dog gets to know where and when grooming is going to take place and with the correct training and patience will be a good experience for both dog and owner.


Training should be based on regular sessions of grooming with much praise and reward, it should not be a battle of wills but gradually over time should become second nature.

Most Samoyeds will benefit from a daily brushing to keep the coat looking fresh, even if this is only for a few minutes, remembering the object of brushing is to reach the skin and lift the hair.  However, there is no substitute for a good combing once a week at least.  The comb does the real work of getting right down to the skin and parting the hair.

The dog should be encouraged to lie on its side on the grooming table.  Start grooming the hindquarters and the tail because, with a male in particular, the dog is less keen on this part of the process, so it's good to get it over first so the remainder can be more relaxing.  Groom away from the body with the comb; this will remove small knots and dead hair. (Dead hair can soon become knotted if left, so always groom more often when the dog is casting its coat). The featherings on the back legs and hocks should be groomed outwards.  Care should be taken with the fur under the tummy as the skin here is quite tender.  The tail should be held in one hand and groomed starting at the base and comb gradually outwards working towards the tip.

Grooming the body is best done in layers to avoid missing any, use one hand to part the fur and also hold the skin down as this helps to prevent any tugging.  As you finish one layer move up a few inches and start grooming a second line.  Complete one side of the dog and then do the same on the other.

To comb the chest and front it is easier to sit the dog up and comb in layers from under the chin to the top of the front legs, do not forgot the top of the head and behind the ears (knots can easily develop here)  The ruff should be combed up and out to frame the face.

When all areas of the dog have been thoroughly combed so no knots can be felt and all loose hair has been removed, give a good brushing, remembering always to brush from tail to head and never flat.

Whilst on the grooming table it is a good time to check for any lumps and bumps, and the condition of feet, nails and teeth.  Never trim a dog's nails if you are not experienced a vet will do this for you. (Regular road work will keep the nails to an acceptable level).  Eyes should be wiped with cotton wool at least once a day if there is any staining or wetness.  Check ears to make sure there is no infection (do not poke anything into the ear canal if in doubt seek a vet's help).

Never bath a Samoyed unless they have been thoroughly groomed beforehand otherwise you will finish up with a very tangled coat.  Use a shampoo which does not soften the coat, once bathed it is advisable to use a hairdryer to dry the dog, going through the coat as you would the combing process. Leaving a dog damp can cause skin irritation.

After bathing it is best to repeat the combing process to remove any more dead coat which the bath has loosened and to give the coat a beautiful well groomed and clean appearance, which gives you a Samoyed to be proud of. (There is nothing worse than seeing a dirty unkempt Samoyed).

To view a short video demonstrating how to groom your Samoyed please click here.
(6 minutes duration - Approx. 50 MB - Broadband recommended)