So You Think You Want a Puppy?

"Aren't those puppies gorgeous?  Ooh, I do want one!"

Do you really?  Have you given it a lot of thought?  Why choose a Samoyed? 


PLEASE DO NOT buy puppies from pet shops or puppy farms, only buy from a reputable breeder.
All members of the Executive Council are available to help steer you in the right direction.

    When thinking of buying a puppy consider the following :
  • Remember it will not be for six months - it may be for sixteen years.
  • Can you spare the time to exercise, train and groom it?
  • Can you cope when it sheds its coat all over the house?
  • Are you, or is some responsible person, at home all or most of the day?
  • Can you accept that, when it is growing teeth, it may chew whatever it can reach?
  • Is your property fenced in, to keep your pet in and others out?
  • Do you have plants indoors or outside which are poisonous to dogs?
  • Have you a place the dog can call its own, so you are not moving it every few minutes?
  • If you choose a female, are you sure you can keep it safe when it is in season every six months?
  • If you choose a male, can you cope if he howls when your neighbour's female is in season?
  • If you have the dog first, and children later, will you remember to give it the same amount of affection and attention?
  • Do you know about your legal responsibilities?

Legal responsibilities as a dog owner

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 states that everyone must take "reasonable care" to ensure their dogs do not cause a Statutory Nuisance due to their barking. 

All dogs should wear a collar bearing the name and address of their owners.  If your dogs escapes, runs into the road and causes a traffic accident, you are legally responsible.  It is strongly recommended that third party liability insurance cover is obtained. 

Local bye-laws set the fines for dog fouling.  You should be prepared always to clear up after your dog

At all times observe the Country Code and do not allow your dogs to run free where there is livestock. 

In short, nowadays, buying a puppy does entail taking responsibility for it for life, in sickness and in health, and also ensuring that it causes no one to lodge a complaint against you. 

Please try to ensure you keep up to date with the latest legislation.