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Special Notices :

Help support the Samoyed Association fund research to eradicate diabetes from our wonderful breed. Click here for further information.

It is always advisable to contact a reputable breeder before considering the purchase of a puppy. Please go to our "Puppy" page for further information. All members of the Executive Council are available to help steer you in the right direction.

Disclaimer :
The Samoyed Association cannot accept responsibility for the content or views expressed on any forum, chat room or web site, dealing with the Samoyed Breed. Whilst we are happy to act as a point of contact between breeders and potential puppy purchasers, it is the buyers responsibility to make the necessary checks prior to purchase.

Fund raising for Diabetes Research:
Diabetes Research - The Samoyed Association has taken the decision to raise funds for Diabetes Research and any donations or help would be very much appreciated.
If you have any ideas for fund raising or would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause please contact the President by e-mail : angela.fairvilla@ntlworld.com or 01530 833191 - Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Samoyed Breed Council Health Survey :
The Samoyed Breed Council is currently carrying out a survey looking at general health issues regarding Samoyeds in the UK.
The Samoyed Association would like to encourage all Samoyed owners to visit their website and give details of any health issues regarding their Samoyeds using their online form, this can be done anonymously. The results should help us better understand any health issues within our breed.

Please click
HERE to visit the Samoyed Breed Council's form, this will open in a new browser window or Tab.

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